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ISE AMERICA uses in-line egg production and processing facilities, where the chickens are on site in houses. In these facilities eggs run from the chicken house into the processing room, where each egg is then washed and sized.  Next, each egg is staged through the candling booth where it is personally checked for quality.    In addition to our manual inspection, ISE facilities use technology for automated crack, dirt and blood detection. The eggs are weighed for size, as determined by USDA and the customer requirements.

Following inspection, the cleared eggs are packaged in egg cartons or loose packs (as required) and transported into on-site coolers.  Once an order is provisioned, the eggs are loaded onto our refrigerated trucks and delivered into the stores within hours from time of lay.

From the laying of each egg to the loading of the trucks, on site inspectors are continuously checking for quality, removing sub-standard eggs, passing only the best.


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