Handling Tips

To prevent illness from bacteria

  • keep eggs refrigerated at or below 45F degrees
  • cook eggs until yolks are firm
  • cook foods containing eggs thoroughly

For more tips, visit these helpful links:

Egg Safety - from the American Egg Board

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Egg Quality

An egg's grade refers to it's interior quality and the condition and appearance of the shell.

Higher quality eggs (Grades AA and A) have a large proportion of thick white, which stands up well around a firm, high yolk.  These eggs are ideal for all purposes, and are especially good for frying and poaching where appearance is important.

Grade B quality eggs may have a thinner white, which spreads out more.  They are good for general cooking and baking where appearance is not important.

Nutritional Information

Each egg product from ISE AMERICA comes with specific nutritional information on the packaging.  We also provide product specific nutritional information in the product section of this website.

For general egg nutrition information, visit one of these helpful links:

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